All Aboard The Orlando Eye! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

The Orlando Eye, one of Central Florida's newest icons, officially opened to the general public on May 4, 2015, together with the rest of I-Drive 360.
This truly beautiful and eye-catching observation wheel (pun intended) provides Guests the opportunity to view the Central Florida area from an unusual point of view. The fact that Florida is mostly a "flat" state actually allows visitors to see cities and landmarks that are very far from Orlando, including Cape Canaveral.

After taking some photos and enjoying an entertaining (yet on the cheesy side) 4D pre-show, Guests board one of the capsules. We were very fortunate, as we got to ride solo. It's a wonderful experience:

Inside the capsule:

Every capsule has an intercom to communicate with the ground in case of need:

The iPads were not yet installed when we visited (last week). These will help Guests locate and recognize some of Central Florida's most important landmarks, cities, theme parks, and attractions:

Going up:

Some panoramic photos of the area:

I-Drive 360:

The future Vue at 360 area (coming soon):

The City of Orlando:

International Drive:

The future SkyPlex area:

Mango's Tropical Cafe is still under construction:

Walt Disney World:

You can even spot the crane working on the expansion of Soarin' at Epcot:


The Universal Blvd. area:

Going down:

The gift shop after disembarking:

We will conclude with what could be the best on-ride video of The Orlando Eye:

Will you be riding this great observation wheel during your next Central Florida vacation? Let us know!


  1. Awesome article and pictures. I was told before going on you have to go thru a physical pat down. I have nothing to hide but I don't really feel like having someone touching me before riding. I am fine with metal detectors but not for the physical pat down. Can you advise if that is indeed true?

  2. "And if you're here on business..." What? Sounds like the Narration still has a few kinks to work out. (11:25 mark in the video)

  3. Awesome

    Thanks for showing this.

  4. Love the article, my favor part was the gift shop i like seeing what is available(only wish you order it online)

  5. Great pictures. Making me sad in work though - wishing I was there instead of sat at my desk in work :(


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