The Orlando Eye Lights Illuminate the I-Drive 360 Area

For the first time ever, The Orlando Eye's beautiful LED lights were turned on in front of a large crowd that included Merlin employees and media members.
After turning on the huge switch, the huge observation wheel started to slowly turn clockwise, and the thousands of lights installed on the outer ring started to illuminate the wheel, little by little. The final product is absolutely outstanding... and we only saw one color scheme (more are coming soon)! Take a look:

The Orlando Eye is definitely beautiful also during the day:

A huge switch was installed right in front of the terminal:

It was finally getting darker:

It's time! Here is a video of The Orlando Eye's lighting ceremony. Don't miss it!:

Here you are some photos of The Orlando Eye's lights:

The view from the parking garage:

Getting creative:

The rest of I-Drive 360 at night:

The Orlando Eye seen from Universal Blvd. (remember that you can still check out The Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds, and SEA LIFE Aquarium through the great live camera that can be found here):

We certainly look forward to the opening day of this fantastic, new Orlando icon. Be sure to continue to follow us closely in the future for more news regarding The Orlando Eye and the rest of I-Drive 360!