SeaWorld Update: Dolphin Cove Reopens (PART 5)

Welcome to the very last part of this massive SeaWorld Orlando photo-report. Click on this link to check out PART 4 of this update for even more news. 
While we have already visited the majority of the park's themed areas, there are still a few locations that we have to check out, including the Shamu Stadium, Shamu's Underwater Viewing, and the amazing Wild Arctic exhibit. Thank you very much for sticking around, and enjoy these last few photos:

The photo-op near the Shamu Stadium is currently being refurbished:

Behind the walls:

Shamu's Underwater Viewing:

Beautiful creatures:

Exploring Wild Arctic:

The helicopter simulator will never see us again, that's for sure:

Aside from the ride portion, Wild Arctic is a true masterpiece. Just look at the theming:


The former polar bear exhibit has been filled with harbor seals:

The bear dens remain:

The rest of this great exhibit:

Work in progress:

Harbor seals are very fast swimmers:

Moving on:

The part of the exhibit that you'll see int he following photos seriously needs to be refurbished. The scale didn't work, and the TV screens were never replaced. This area feels very dated at this point:

It's time to leave:

And that is all for now. Before concluding, remember to like us on our official Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for live updates from the parks. Thank you for your support, and see you again real soon!



  1. I always love hanging out inside Wild Arctic. It's so well themed and the cool temperature feels great after walking around. The mixture of ancient ships with research tech is great! Far superior to Antarctica.
    I only wish it was bigger, maybe even with a restaurant as a part of it.

  2. Great update as ever!

    Seaworld is one of my most favourite parks!

    Thanks guys!

  3. Thank you very much, joolsleeds! We love SeaWorld too. We are glad you enjoyed it!

  4. The Photos missed new soft serve stand near the Manta located in the building where the old discount merchandise was. You can build your own sundaes. Also since they are demolishing the old games area, I believe a new attraction will be going there. May a few adult flat rides?

  5. Excellent update! You should do a Discovery Cove update. That place is amazing.


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