SeaWorld Update: Dolphin Cove Reopens (PART 1)

After a few months, the Orlando Theme Park News Team was able to return to one of Central Florida's most inspiring theme parks: SeaWorld Orlando.
While most of the other parks and attractions in the area continue to advertise new additions, it seems like things are still quiet at SeaWorld; that said, there is still a lot going on around SeaWorld's themed lands (that's why we needed to break this update into 5 parts!) Let's take a look:

Welcome to SeaWorld Orlando:

First of all, we noticed that the Self-service ticketing machines have been moved:

They returned to their old location, hidden behind a building:

Small cart near the park's entrance:

Inside the park:

The restrooms by the lockers were recently repainted and themed:

Notice the particulars:

The nearby Dolphin Nursery was recently closed for refurbishment:


Key West:

The Stingray Lagoon sign was recently refurbished. It looks great now:

The Dolphin Cove recently reopened to Guests with some changes:

The small shack by the pool was rethemed:

Additionally, the area near the entrance of Dolphin Cove is now open to all Guests, while the back portion has been enclosed with a fence:

The fenced-in area is reserved to Guests who want to further interact with dolphins (small fee required):

The (new?) Key West Market: