SEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando Photo-Gallery (PART 3)

You have reached the last part of this SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium photo-gallery. If you are looking for PART 2 of this update, click on this link.
Previously, we had the chance to explore the Coral Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and Seahorse Hideaway. Let's conclude our tour by checking out the Indian Ocean, Stingray Cove, the Everglades Wetlands, and more. As always, we encourage you to share your comments at the end of this post:

The "Indian Ocean" awaits us:

Since there are not real whale sharks, a projected image shows them near the real tanks:

"Stingray Cove" is next:

Be aware that Guests cannot touch stingrays at this aquarium:

The "Everglades Wetlands" is one of our favorites, as it focuses specifically on Florida:

And the theming is, once again, amazing:

A kids play area is located in an adjacent room:

"Coastal Rockpools" will be our last stop:

In this interactive area, Guests can touch sea stars:

Conservation stories will soon fill this board:

Heading toward the exit:

The aquarium's gift shop is known as "Sea Treasures":

Plush toys are definitely available.

More merchandise:

The exit:

We really believe this will be a hit for Guests of all ages. Everyone visiting the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium will surely be inspired and will appreciate even more the natural treasures that surround us and that - sadly - we sometimes give for granted. Kids will especially enjoy the many interactive features that accompany most of the tanks in the attraction. Make sure to set aside some time for this.

Before concluding, here is the complete gallery, which contains more than 50 additional pictures:


  1. What an awesome post! Thank you so much!!

  2. This whole place looks amazing, I hope it goes on to be a big success.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. thanks, looks fun

  5. I thought this would struggle in competition with SeaWorld down the road, but looks like it hasn't anything to worry about. Great theming and sea life's previous experience shining through with a nice local touch including the Everglades section. Well done sea life! And thanks for the great photos OPN, you are my window into orlandos attractions year round, love it. Cheers!

  6. This place looks like great fun and the theming is terrific! In my opinion, the aquariums here knock out Sea World. There are a lot of views of the aquariums you don't get anywhere else, much more fun than a straight-ahead view most other places! The entrance of the place is a little ho-hum, however.

  7. I think all 3 attractions on 1 ticket deal is great value for money. You could easily spend the day here and then go for dinner at 1 of the restaurants. I just hope it's easy to get to by bus from Disney TTC as we staying on site and not hiring a car.


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