Polynesian Village Bungalows Reference Guide Released

March 31, 2015 marked the grand opening of the Bora Bora Bungalows, the newest addition to Disney Vacation Club locations, along with the rest of the newly reimagined Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World.
Now that these luxury accommodations are officially open to Guests, the Walt Disney World released the 2015 Bora Bora Bungalows Reference Guide, which includes directions on how to use some of the amenities available. Take a look:



Here's a comprehensive list of all the amenities that will be available to Bora Bora Guests:

In addition to that, here's an updated map showing the location of the new bungalows and villas:

What do you think about the amenities included in these bungalows? Let us know your opinion.

REFERENCE GUIDE/MAP: ©2015 Walt Disney World Resort/DVC. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Yeah but except this isn't really Bora Bora, is it? For the money Disney charges per night to stay in one of these luxury huts you could easily book a trip for the real deal in the South Pacific instead of settling for the smelly Seven Seas Lagoon water filled with brain-eating amoeba.

  2. I don't disagree that the bungalows are overpriced, although they will undoubtedly be booked solid forever. But I'm sure Disney's view on the matter is that Bora Bora doesn't have monorail access to Magic Kingdom and a "castle view". You're paying a premium for staying in a room that there are only 20 of in the world.


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