Magic Kingdom Update: Tomorrowland Work (PART 1)

While the Magic Kingdom hub continues to be the focus of our updates, there are a few minor projects currently taking place in other areas of the park. For example, major work is being done inside the former Adventureland Veranda, while walls have gone up around a small section of Tomorrowland and the shuttered Tomorrowland Arcade. Let's start to virtually walk around the park to take a close look at what has changed since our last visit:

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Park:

Main Street U.S.A.:

Another look at the refurbished facades:

The rain was right behind us:

A look around the central hub:

A section of the sidewalk is being repaved:

The area is undoubtedly becoming more pleasing to the eyes:

A new pathway is being built in place of the former Rose Garden:

The heart of the hub:

The Partners statue has been covered again:

The new castle towers are still covered by tarps:

It's time to explore Adventureland:

Work continues inside the former Adventureland Veranda:


Liberty Square:

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