Magic Kingdom Update: More Walls Installed in the Hub

The major work being done on the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park has resumed. While very little progress was done during the last few weeks (due to the high crowd levels), more is starting to be done in the heart of the park's central plaza, near the iconic Partners statue, which is now covered again.
As you will see, work also continues on the side of the hub, where new castle towers have been installed and new pathway also continue to take shape.

First of all, new tarps have gone up along Main Street, U.S.A. (that's not surprising, is it?):

The hub:

The font section of the central plaza is behind walls:

New planters will be built and new concrete will be poured:

The new castle towers on the east side of the hub:

The castle towers on the west side:

New pathways continue to slowly take shape near the bridge leading to Liberty Square:

As we previously reported, much smaller trees and bushes were planted a few weeks ago in this area:

It's time to leave.

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. That tarp & scaffolding on main street is the worst I've seen yet. Hope they get that portion of the building fixed up fast.

  2. Is there any chance the tarp is down on Main Street in July?

  3. We are heading over there next week. been waiting 3 years for this holiday and now looks like my photos are going to be a bit rubbish :-(

    1. You're from England, aren't you?

  4. The tarp and scaffolding will be changed out for the photographic versions. We've seen this process before.

  5. Yea I'm from England - how did you guess? The whole 'been waiting 3 years for this' haha

  6. No was your holiday instead of vacation and rubbish comment that gave it away...haha

  7. oh yea - good point, that does give it away a bit lol.

  8. Fun fact! Americans use double quotes instead of single. Another giveaway that you're a good Englishman :)


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