I-Drive 360 Update: A Look Inside the Terminal (PART 1)

The official opening day of I-Drive 360 is just around the corner, and workers are applying the final touches in the various attractions, shops, and restaurants that will soon open within this brand-new entertainment district.
Today's update will focus on the outside courtyard located right in front of The Orlando Eye and the terminal of the observation wheel, which also includes the entrances of the other two Merlin attractions. Let's start to take a look around:

First of all, here's a panoramic view of the new parking area behind The Orlando Eye:

They were still working on the landscaping a few days ago:

The eye:

A look at the rest of the area from above:

Work has begun in the empty lot next to the Yard House:

A look at the same area from the ground:

The popular Tin Roof restaurant:

Some buildings that are still empty at the moment:

Skeletons - Animals Unveiled will open on May 1, 2015:

Ben & Jerry's can be found nearby:

I-Drive 360 is a truly gorgeous area to check out:

Another look at the signs advertising the three attractions under the same roof:

The themed mural of the SEA LIFE Aquarium:

The mural of Madame Tussauds: