Polynesian Resort: Bora Bora Bungalows Preview (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of this great preview of the new Bora Bora Bungalows!
In PART 1 of this photo-tour we focused on the boardwalk leading to the single bungalows, the entrance patio, as well as the master bedroom, the secondary bedroom, and one of the bathrooms. Let's continue to take a look around, because there's still more to see. We will check out the mater bath, the kitchen, the living room, the back patio (with the plunge pool), and more.

The bungalow's master bath is very large. It also includes some neat features:

Yet another TV screen is embedded into the mirror:

Some close-ups:

The tub:

All the lights in the house are regulated by a centralized system:

More artworks (by Mary Blair):

The living room:

A reference to the Jungle Cruise:

Another drop-down bed can be found in this area:

Nice artwork depicting the Electric Water Pageant:

TV number 4:

The kitchen area:

The kitchen counter:

The particulars seen all around the bungalows are really nice:

The back patio:

This small pathway to the side leads to the master bedroom:

Hanging chairs:

The plunge pool is NOT a spa, as it does not include a water heater:

The view is truly spectacular...

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  1. So with this addition how is the vieuw for the hotel guests? It looks like the castle look that was good for many is now for the few that can pay for the water bungalows with old folks furniture in it.

  2. If I win the lottery I am totally going to make one of these my home. It has everything you need. Washer/dryer, full kitchen, two bedrooms/two bathrooms, and a living room area. These looks amazing!

  3. Will mosquitoes be of concern?

  4. Very nice. Unfortunately it is priced way out of my price range so I will never get to stay there. Nice pictures anyway. Thanks.

  5. what is the pricing on one of these a night in the value season? thanks

  6. @michael $2100 is the value season price that was released. $160/point for DVC at 841 points/week at the lowest.

  7. Bungalow price range is from $2,137- $2,706 (Holidays up to $3,040)

  8. The artwork is by Rolly Crump, not Mary Blair.

  9. When I go to Orlando our room is only used to sleep in and freshen up after been in the parks most of the day as we stay on the mod resorts so we can get the free dinning plan.

  10. Andy, How do you get a free dining plan just by staying at a Moderate Resort. We are going in a month to the French Quarter and we were not offered a free dining plan.


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