Overview of Magic Kingdom's Expanded Hub (PART 1)

Phase one of the major Magic Kingdom Park hub expansion project has been completed (only a few lights and railings have not been installed yet), and Guest feedback has been mostly positive so far. While the placement of some of the new light poles is quite dubious, the expanded walkways and planters definitely make a big difference, as the area doesn't feel as cramped now.
Join us as we take a detailed look around both sides of the park's central hub:

NOTE TO OUR READERS: Due to feedback on the photo-gallery featured in our last update, we decided not to include it in this update. That said, from now on, all the photo-updates posted on our site will include slightly larger photos for your enjoyment. The only caveat is that the posts may take a bit longer to load (depending on internet speed). Feel free to share your opinion at the end of this update.

This past Saturday has been unusually rainy. While this might have negatively impacted the visit of some Guests, it also helped to maintain the attraction wait times low; additionally, we were able to take photos of an almost empty hub. That is definitely rare, as the Magic Kingdom is always very busy:

The WEST side of the hub:

The West FastPass+ Fireworks Viewing area:

The new AstroTurf looks quite nice:

One of the two new fountains:

All of the Disney character statues have been relocated to the expanded area:

Some of the trees planted in the area are fairly large. That is great to see:

A big section of the hub continues to feature the old, red concrete:

The EAST side of the hub:

More Disney characters:

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