New "Voices of Liberty" Show Being Tested at Epcot

The beloved Voices of Liberty have been performing for many years at The American Adventure pavilion at Epcot. This talented choir of vocalists continues to touch the hearts of hundreds of Guests each day with their performances.
With the exception of "Let it Go," all of the songs in their repertoire usually only include some of America’s best loved music like “America the Beautiful” or “This Land Is Your Land.” That said, more songs could be added in the near future.

A test is currently being done in The American Adventure pavilion (taking advantage of the fact that The American Adventure's lobby area is being used as part of special events). As part of this test, the "Voices of Liberty" cast will temporarily perform at the American Gardens Theater (today could be the last day for this test according to some Cast Members), and the songs included in the show will be taken from some of the most popular Disney movies (and more) instead of classic American music.

We were lucky to catch one of these very special performances. As you will see, the stage even included some small themed props to enhance the show, which was also longer than usual. Take a look:

NOTE: be sure to adjust your volume before playing the video.

Other than on special occasions (such as July 4th), the Voices of Liberty usually only perform inside the lobby of The American Adventure attraction, which also has a dome that "amplifies and purifies the sound." While this test might be successful, it is unlikely that they will move to the nearby outdoor theater, as that venue is used for concerts multiple times throughout the year.

Performing outdoors would also mean that the cast would not be able to wear their typical costumes (as you have seen in the video, they can wear plainer clothes outside due to the warm weather), taking away one of the many details that make Epcot a special place.

Finally, we are sure you will agree with us on the fact that Disney songs can already be heard in many different shows throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. While it definitely makes a big difference hearing them sung by this amazing group, it would be nice to maintain the current repertoire, maybe even including more classic songs. That would help in maintaining intact the theme of this area.

What do you think? Would you like to hear the Voices of Liberty sing classic Disney songs or would you prefer having them sing the classic American songs? Feel free to share your comments with us.


  1. Words cannot express how much I am against the "Voices of Liberty" losing their "Americana Voice" in favor of Disney soundtracks.
    Doug Landreth

  2. Not even an option. They belong in the beautiful rotunda so we can hear each and every one of their amazing voices. And I'm seriously sick and tired of Epcot changing things up to for the sake of change. There is SO MUCH wrong at this park and the entertainment was practically the only constant that WAS good.... Until they screwed it up. I hope and pray this remains temporary.

    1. Maybe Disney is fearing reprisal with so many complaints toward political correctness or racism? Sad world we live with.

  3. At the end of the day it still comes down to you are at DISNEY WORLD. I have no problem with them switching up the songs to be Disney classics instead of the same songs they have sung for years. Epcot was suppose to be the "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow". It was supposed to have all the leading innovations of the future. This would indicate things should be changing, not staying in the past.

  4. The Voices of Liberty makes sense in the American rotunda. They sound fabulous singing americana. This... looks and sounds like a throw back to a 1975 Lawrence Welk episode. From the bland, muted and dated costumes, to the easter parade lattice set pieces, to the boring choreogrophy, I keep waiting for Welk to walk on and introduce a number by Bobby and Sissy.
    They have lovely voices, but these songs really need instrumental accompanyment.
    Sorry folks, just another bad decision by Disney entertaiment.
    By the way, it may have been intended to be the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, but hasn't been from day one. More and more it is becoming just a huge, expensive, pretty shopping mall. The musical entertainment is what has set it apart.
    Unfortunately, there isn't much of that anymore.


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