New DisneyQuest Guidemap Now Available (March 2015)

New DisneyQuest maps are now circulating at the Walt Disney World Resort.
While no major attractions were added to this indoor theme park in the past few years, some had to be removed for unknown reasons (an example would be "Ride the Comix," that was one of the more important attractions of the park). Additionally, DisneyQuest's map had not seen an update in years, making it the only one not updated since the introduction of MyMagic+. Let's see what's new.

Here you are the NEW version of the DisneyQuest guidemap, which is now available at the location as well as the Downtown Disney Guest relations and most of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels:

The following is the OLD version of the DisneyQuest map. It will help you to identify the changes:

We'll post a full DisneyQuest photo-update in the next few weeks. Be sure to check back here on OTPN.

MAPS: ©2015 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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