Journey of the Little Mermaid Reopens with Major Changes

On February 2, 2015, Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid closed for a month-long refurbishment. While the ride was originally scheduled to reopen March 6, it opened two days early, giving Magic Kingdom Guests a glimpse of some very important changes that greatly improved the overall experience.
The biggest scene of the attraction, known as Under the Sea, was completely refurbished. It now makes use of "black lights" to hide parts of the ceiling.

Here you are two videos of the attraction. The first one is a video shot on March 4, 2015 (the same day the attraction reopened), while the second one was shot back in 2012. Notice the differences:



As you have seen, the new black lights make the attraction feel like a classic Fantasyland dark ride, while also highlighting the Audio-Animatronics and animated figures that populate the ride. In addition to the upgraded lighting, more fish and other undersea creatures were added in some areas that were formerly too empty or too dark to be seen.

But there's more. The more careful viewers will have surely noticed that the hair of some of the Audio-Animatronic figures was also upgraded. The previously plastic-looking hair has been replaced on all the figures in the scenes depicting above-water locations (like "Kiss the Girl" scene and the finale).

What do you think? Do you like the upgraded version of this attraction? Feel free to share your opinions.


  1. so it is the same upgrades that DCA's version got. I really wish Disney would start doing more and more of this..

    the down for a few days but many upgrades done sort of approach

  2. I love the fact that both Disney and Universal build great rides but also keep them in good condition and even upgrade them to look even better. Just wish the uk parks would follow suit. I not gonna view the videos as like I not been to Orlando since 2011 but going again in Sept next year so I like to enjoy all the new attractions before I watch any videos of them.

  3. Looks better.

    We were very surprised how bright, sparse, and honestly "cheap" looking the attraction looked when we first rode.

    It would be like going through Peter Pan with the lights on. What's the point?

    Very telling when so much of the talk was of the queue being "so fabulous" and ride itself is kind of second.

    I think there contingent within Disney that see every child as some precious little fragile snowflake and "dark rides" are just too much for them to handle, so "dark" becomes "indoor and brightly lit and happy!!"

    I look forward to my next visit to see the new look.

    ..and omg, the queue, I could wander among that queue for hours and not be bored..all the pretty little shells and shiny things, and and… :)


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