Introducing New Fireworks Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom

Beginning July 5, the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom Park will transform into Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party. This popular offering will continue to provide Guests the opportunity to indulge in a decadent dessert experience while enjoying great views of the fireworks over Cinderella Castle.
The new fireworks party has been enhanced to include new menu options including seasonal fruit and cheese, character-themed cupcakes, and more.

New beverage offerings include a sparkling cider toast as well as hot drinking chocolate and signature lemonades. Here you are photos showing the location in which this exclusive event will take place:

Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party is $49 for adults, $29 for children, tax included. Guests can make reservations beginning today by visiting, or calling 407-WDW-DINE.

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  1. Some people buying this package don't want to hang around and wait, sitting on the ground.

    Some people have older adults that can't sit around and wait, or maybe they've got a large group, or you know, maybe its just too people who've saved a bit of money for a special occasion.

    So they save, spend their money as THEY see fit. Unfortunately there are those whiny types that talk about "catering to the rich" NOW, that the price is beyond the whiner's reach. lol my how 'rich' is so subjective. You'll have people spending hundreds a night for "immersion" at a Disney hotel yet moan and groan about the cost of the dessert party. They tout their deluxe resort stays with pride, they glory in the money they've spent - and then complain about the cost of food, and cheap trinkets they and their kids insist they Must Have!

    You can find many of these people speaking quite disparagingly about the new Four Seasons, which is priced out of their reach - and no free dining, discounts, CMs, hassle, and plastic "immersion" How dare the Four Seasons upstage their precious Deluxe! These people are no longer spending the most and they can't stand it! Oh the indignity!

    Many negative comments about this new menu like to cite the price and say "no way I can eat that much, its not worth it" Well, sad person, the point is not to feed YOUR gluttony, you can get that over at the all you can eat cheap buffet down the road.

    This package is about access, seating, relative COMFORT, not stuffing one's face with food. Simple.

    The demand has been strong, so Disney raises the price.

    Could be their data shows so many repeat buyers they concluded it was defacto closed to first time visitors who tend to discover and desire to partake in such experiences when they arrive at the resort. Only Disney knows all the reasons.

    I've never purchased this package - we just find a place on the warm concrete out in the middle of the street and plop down with our fellow tired travelers. But since we no longer stay on site, we save thousands of dollars over the course of our stay, and if circumstances warranted - spending a bit for a chair, ice cream, hot chocolate, well… that's what memories are made of, right?

  2. I agree with you. Of course most of us can't afford to do everything we want to do. So we have to be selective. But there are always those who want to be able to spend the same dollar twice and complain if they can't. Like those who willingly pay over the top prices for a designer coffee but moan about the price of a Disney burger. I probably wouldn't indulge in this but I like the fact that it's available if I wanted to or could afford it.


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