Hollywood Studios Update: Pixar Place Expansion (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report! PART 1 of this update can be found by clicking on this link.
In the previous installment of this photo-tour, we checked out the entrance of the park, Hollywood Blvd., the almost completely restored central hub, and more. We will now continue to look around the park, focusing on the rest of Pixar Place, the Streets of America, Sunset Blvd., and more. Enjoy the photos!

This facade will soon receive new themed elements:

Nothing new to report from the former Studio Backlot Tour:

The Streets of America:

Cinderella's golden coach is still parked near the facade of the Public Library:

The area looks good:

Let's stop by to see the underwhelming Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show:

Same old, same old:


Sunset Blvd.:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. Can't wait to see this park transition into something amazing with all the new "rumored" expansions coming!

  2. Im confused with the toy story expansion... What makes it a third track? Like wheres the second?

    1. There are allready two tracks in the current ride building.

    2. But the layout of the ride only shows one

  3. They should have never made a third track, if they created more rides there wouldn't be such a long wait for TSMM!

  4. The 2 tracks are interlocking. You're sent to the appropriate track after the practice game.

  5. "They should have never made a third track, if they created more rides there wouldn't be such a long wait for TSMM! "

    Nope... More rides/expansion would just get more people in the park and the wait time would probably be the same. Look at DCA. When carlands etc opened, it didn't have any real impact on the wait times at TSMM.

  6. Not sure that the Carsland vs. TSMM at DLR comparison is a fair one with DHS. At DLR, you have two Parks within easy walking distance of each other, with a wide selection of excellent rides. At DHS, guests are pretty limited to the number of rides in that Park. In my opinion, any additional guests resulting from opening a new ride are more evenly distributed at DLR.

  7. Yeah, there are way more rides at DCA than DHS, so the crowds are way more spread out at the latter.

  8. Hollywood Studios just looks so depressing! They need to start again. If I had a magic wand...
    - Full refurb of Great Movie Ride with replacement of 'Tarzan' scene.
    - Replace Voyage of the Little Mermaid with Frozen Sing-a-long / show
    - Enhance Art of Animation to incorporate museum of previous art and attraction models (nothing worse then entering a huge room and there being one picture and four computers in there...)
    - Close Motors Action Zoom and expand Pixar to include Ratatouille and Carsland. Move Monsters Inc Floor show here to go into Jack Sparrow's old haunt
    - Bring back Superstar TV, or whatever it was called, that was awesome, and special FX have moved on so much
    - Update the Muppets 3D/4D film

    I'm sure there's a lot in store for Hollywood Studios, but it's such a shame it's turning into a "one-day" park.


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