Epcot Update: "Frozen" Meet-and-Greet, Japan News

While Epcot just started to celebrate spring through the amazing International Flower & Garden Festival, work continues to take place in a few areas of the park, particularly in World Showcase. As you will see, the first markers have been spotted in the future new home of the "Frozen" meet-and-greet, while the new "Frozen" attraction takes place next door. Additionally, the Voices of Liberty are testing a new show, and a new seating area has been built in Japan.

Let's begin by taking a look at the empty lot between the Mexico and Norway pavilions:

As you can see, we were able to find the very first markers delineating the construction zone:

The new Frozen-themed meet-and-greet area will be located in this area:

Work should begin very soon:

In the meantime, work also continues in the former Maelstrom building:

Will this opening in the wall remain?:

In The American Adventure pavilion, a new Voices of Liberty show has debuted. While we already posted a very interesting article on this subject (that can be found here), the Walt Disney World Resort recently released an internal advisory that provides additional information on this test. Here it is:

Voices of Liberty expands their repertoire with additional songs and location
Live entertainment is an integral part of the World Showcase experience, immersing our Guests in the diverse cultures of the nations represented at Epcot. Starting this week, Voices of Liberty has a fresh new look and sound for their appearances on the outdoor stage at America Gardens Theatre.

Two days each week, this remarkable 8-part a cappella group is bringing their talents to even more Guests, performing fresh arrangements of popular American songs, both classic and contemporary. Voices of Liberty will continue their traditional performances in the rotunda of The American Adventure pavilion Wednesday through Sunday each week.

Interestingly, the advisory does not mention any Disney music being included in the performances. We will continue to monitor the situation and will make sure to share with you any additional changes.

Up until a few days ago, a small section of the Japanese pavilion was under construction:

Behind the walls:

We went back a few days later and found out they were building a new outdoor seating area:

The umbrellas, chairs, and tables are completely new:

This new seating area serves three different food and beverage locations, all found nearby:

The landscaping around the area look great as well:

In addition to umbrellas, shade will also be provided by the large trees incorporated into this new area:

The Katsura Grill is located right next door:

Our last stop is Canada, where we noticed that the expansion of The Mill Stage has been completed:

Logrolling competitions will begin to take place any day now:

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  1. Why no backrest for the seats in Japan, the park is huge! But I guess Disney doesn't care you can sit back and relax while eating.

  2. Hi Sam. Did You get my mail I sent You on feb. the 25th?

  3. No backrests because you can't spend more $ unless you get up. :)

  4. Are the nice relaxing gardens still back there in Japan or are they completely gone because of this new seating?

  5. Actually, no backrests so guests can get up and free up tables for other guests who are waiting for a table. If they have backrests they will be chillin there all day.


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