Universal's "Fear Factor Live" Show Receives Upgrades

Fear Factor Live (one of the lowest-rated theme park shows in the Central Florida area) recently received some important upgrades behind the scenes. First of all, new harnesses were recently installed at the location, showing that safety always comes first at the Universal Orlando Resort. Additionally, the show received numerous set enhancements, including refurbished cars, new fiberglass boxes, all new signage, and a brand-new video wall.


  1. How about putting a Universal movie based stunt show in, After Fear Factor was cancelled years ago and in another couple years(if not already) most people won't even know what Fear Factor was

  2. Mulder, while we usually disagree, I like your idea of a new stunt show in that space. It probably wont happen though. If they take out San Fran for the Fast and Furious Los Angeles concept, then Beetlegeuse might move into that location.

    Who knows. Even though it is a dated show, with the new elements installed it shows that Universal is committed to keeping up appearances.

  3. Show needs to go. What a waste making upgrades.


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