Magic Kingdom Hub Update: New Trees Appear (PART 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of this latest Magic Kingdom Park photo-update. Be sure to check out both PART 1 and PART 2 before proceeding any further.
In the previous part of this update we focused on the west side of the hub, which now includes some beautiful trees, bases for new fountain, and more. We will now continue to walk around checking out also the east side of the hub, as well as the very center, where the "Partners" statue is located. Enjoy the photos:

The second faux bridge:

Big Sand Mountain?:

Looking toward the castle:

Here you can see that some concrete has finally been poured:

Another new tree can be spotted on the right:

New concrete has been poured by the "Partners" statue:

More work continues to be done nearby:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. GREAT update as always!
    Just curious, how many fountain bases are there? Maybe they will be part of a future show with fountains/lights that change with the show.

  2. Thank you for all the terrific pictures and updates! What is your interpretation of the cylindrical features on some of the light posts? Speakers? Bug zappers? They're a little ugly. Anyway, keep up the great work!

  3. The cylinders will house speakers. I believe there will be planters on each side of the post balance everything out.

    All the new trees look great! The more greenery the better!

  4. Have there been any aerial photos taken of the construction? I remember seeing artists impressions before anything started but I would like to see how it is transforming now.

  5. If you Google for "magic kingdom hub aerial" and click Images, you'll see some construction photos. I don't know how recent they are.

  6. Is that new concrete near the partner’s statue just covering over what was a former planter? Along with it being the old strange red color and not the new tan is making me not too excited about what that area will look like compared to the rest of the hub.

  7. A new aerial photo was posted on another dinsey fan site (don't know if I can say which). It is a must see. I love the photos here, and I have been keeping up best I can, but a quick peek of the aerial shot puts all of these photos into complete perspective.

    What I never realized is how far apart the faux bridges were. I figured they were an expansion of the main bridge up the middle, and that once the new side bridges were done, they would integrate the main bridge into it all. Turns out they are quite a ways apart, and provide several new ways across the moat, revealing the congestion on that main bridge. Brilliant.

    Lovin the updates. Keep up the good work.


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