Plans for New "Frozen" Meet-and-Greet at Epcot

"Frozen" will have  an even deeper impact on Epcot than we originally thought. In fact, just a few hours ago, new permits were discovered on the South Florida Water Management District website, which revealed that there are plans to add a fairly large building in the plot of land directly adjacent to the Norway pavilion. This new World Showcase construction will house an elaborate indoor meet-and-greet, restrooms, and more. World Showcase might be in great(er) danger.

For many years, Epcot fans have lamented the fact that no new countries have been added to World Showcase since the opening of the Norway pavilion. This new meet-and-greet building will be essentially occupying one of the (unused) plots of land that were originally set aside to include new pavilions. Is "Frozen" the right choice? We are sure many of you will disagree on that, but let's talk about this topic later. Here is a look at the permits, from the South Florida Water Management District website:

Some maps showing the location and the size of the project site:

Drawings showing the building and surrounding theming:

DESCRIPTION: "The project includes the following:
  • A 13,000 +/- sf building that will house a Disney guest attraction and a women's restroom;
  • A 2,000 sf modular type building to replace a similar building demolished for the project;
  • Two small parking lots that have a total of 18 parking spaces;
  • Relocation of piping and mechanical equipment associated with a beverage dispensing kiosk;
  • Modification and addition of sidewalks and planters;
  • New underground utilities;
  • Modification o the existing restroom in the Norway attraction building."
While it is definitely not unexpected to see that the decision was made to create an entire new building to give Anna and Elsa some space to meet Guests, we are unsure this is the right location. Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom Park would have been a perfect place for this addition, but a themed area celebrating real countries and customs shouldn't even be considered a choice, honestly.

Is the world ending because of this? Certainly not, but this seems like another step aiming to neutralize the original purpose of EPCOT Center. What do you personally think? Share your thoughts!

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