Polynesian Village Update: Volcano Disappearing (PART 1)

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort is currently a big mess. The lobby area is still mostly closed, the views of the beach are partially obstructed on both floors, the feature pool of the hotel is unavailable, and most of the beach area is closed off due to work. Would we recommend staying at this hotel right now? Absolutely not. That said, all will change in a few more months. Let's take a look around together and check out the work that is being done around the resort:

Entering the hotel's parking lot:

Walls can be seen even before entering the parking area:

The drop-off area:

The water feature seen near the hotel's entrance is still receiving some work:

Going inside:

A look at the refurbished area of the lobby:

New screen informing Guests of the park hours for the day:

Common areas:

More common areas on the second floor:

The new Moana Mercantile shop:

Work on the Nanea Volcano Pool continues: