New Peter Pan's Flight Themed Queue Debuts - PHOTOS

Just a week ago, the first elements of the new indoor themed queue officially debuted at Peter Pan's Flight, a popular attraction located in the Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom Park. The new (and soon-to-be-interactive) queue represents a fantastic way to provide Walt Disney World Resort Guests with a behind-the-scenes look at the Darling’s home and immerses them into the story of Peter Pan even before boarding the ride vehicles.

With many storytelling opportunities, Guests walking around this new queue will surely be delighted to see many scenes directly inspired by the classic Disney animated film, Peter Pan. Take a look:

Among the new elements is a series of artwork inspired by Disney Legend Mary Blair that depicts Peter Pan’s flight from Neverland to the Darling’s home in London. Here you are just one example:

That is all for now. Keep checking back here on Orlando Theme Park News for even more photos of this new queue, which are scheduled be posted in the next few days. Thank you again for following us.

PHOTOS: ©2014 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Pity the ride itself really needs to be updated. Really is a poor attraction for Disney standard

  2. My Biggest issue with the ride, isnt the ride itself. while i consider it short its still a nice experience.

    my issue is with the wait time. while the additions to the queue will help as im sure we would have AC now compared to the hot sun like before, the line takes way too line. i know they offer fasspass plus for it but in reality too many fass pass people ride before one party of the regular line get to go on. should be equal. one party per line

  3. Great photos!

    I think the biggest issue, which seriously gets on my nerves for some reason, is the ceiling. It is not at all themed and makes no sense. This is kind of an issue at a lot of places around the parks, but I just hate when a ceiling ruins the themeing.

    Also, the lighting should maybe be lowered a little bit to mimic how it really looked back then.

    But, I'm just being picky. This is a very welcome addition, I love it! Agree with Andy, the ride really is sub-par, even if it is a classic.

  4. Yes, the ceiling has been an issue in this and a few other rides for some time now (ever since they either repainted with a more reflective paint or upgrades lighting. We know we're in buildings, but we're not supposed to specifically be able to focus on ceiling panels. There are many ways to resolve this including adding features to cover the view or as you said, lower the lighting.

  5. What they really should do, is change the ride to a boat. And maybe add pirates and a big ship. Oh, and I know, you could look for Jack Sparrow! And maybe a burning village, and a dog with a key.....

  6. I think the new queue is great! If you liked the ride or not, it needed this. Much better use of the old restroom space. How did you get these photos without guests in line? Was it busy?

  7. Really like this new themed queue! Excellent and detailed standard for Disney queues as per usual!


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