More Construction Walls Coming to Animal Kingdom

As expected, even more temporary barricades are expected to be installed in the next few weeks around Discovery Island as part of the largest expansion in the history of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. While the additional walls may create some minor inconveniences, keep in mind that the work being done will result in a much better Guest flow in the future. Here you are some additional information about what you should expect starting next year:

Flame Tree Barbecue area development: 
On the evening of January 5, 2015, walls will go up in front of Flame Tree Barbecue for area development. These walls are anticipated to remain into March. The walls will cause a reduction in walking space between Flame Tree Barbecue and Disney Outfitters, but we do not anticipate operational impacts to Winged Encounters. As a reminder, Flame Tree Barbecue will be closed for additional enhancement work while the walls are up.

Guests are invited to take a close look at the walls in this area, as temporary signs will be installed to direct Guests to where they can get some of their FlameTree Barbecue favorites during its downtime. Here is a map showing the locations where some of the food offerings will be available:

Island Mercantile area development:
On the evening of January 7, walls will surround much of Island Mercantile as the area in front of the location is enhanced to coincide with the other Discovery Island/Hub work. The store will remain open, but the primary entrance on the bridge side will be in the corner of the store immediately after crossing into Discovery Island. The MyMagic+ kiosks will remain operational.


  1. Im sure the answer is no but has there been any word as to whether or not the kiosks will take TIW since Flame Tree did?


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