Magic Kingdom Hub Update: New Lights (PART 1)

One of the busiest times of the year for the Orlando theme parks has just passed without causing any major issues (not even the Magic Kingdom Park closed for capacity this year. We may have to thank the New Fantasyland for that!). Even during that time, work continued to be done around the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park to prepare the area for next year's crowds. Come along with us to check on the progress that was done in the past few days:

Walking down Main Street U.S.A.:

The hub:

A look at the west side of the hub:

Notice the new speakers and light poles that were recently installed in the area:

A closer look:

Work continues around the moat:

Details on the bridge are starting to be more visible:

Notice the brick pattern:

Moving on:

These new, short walls look very nice:

There is still more a lot to be done, of course:

Let's move on to the east side:

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