Magic Kingdom Hub Update: Moat Construction (PART 1)

Hello everyone! We are glad to have you join us in this latest Magic Kingdom hub construction update. Today we are going to go back to this particular area of the park to see what progress has been done since last week. While it may seem that work is dragging along, you have to keep in mind that most of the construction takes place at night to avoid disturbing Guests and daytime entertainment offerings. Also, there's actually always something new to see...


Let's start right away by taking a look at the west side of the hub:

We would like to know what you think about these new light poles, as were are not really fans of their look. The bulky case for the speakers looks completely out of place in our opinion:

More and more permanent walls:

A look at the faux bridge and the moat:

The details on this bridge are a great touch:

Walking around the construction area:

More lamps and speakers will be installed soon:


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  2. The lamp posts are beautiful! I don't care about the bulky speakers these lamps are much better than the previous ones.

  3. We ar visiting in october 2015, is it likely to be finished by then? Would love to see what has changed since 2009

  4. I have to say, I do actually quite like the new lamps. I can't remember what the old ones looked like but these look very nice!

    However I think they could have done something different with the speakers. Perhaps hide them within the square cream blocks underneath the lamp instead.. Put a painted cover over the top and you've got yourself a hidden speaker!

  5. I agree the speakers too big, but I bet the sound quality will be much better for parades, etc. Also, once everything else is built most people won't notice any single thing like speakers.

  6. I think underneath will be for all the cableing for the light and speaker.

  7. I doubt Disney would toss speakers in our faces without hiding them. Pretty sure they will be hidden by plants.

  8. Very good point on hiding the speakers with plants. Thats definitely an option they're likely to use since they do that in several places now. I can't tell if the actual speaker housings are ornate with Hidden Mickeys or not...??


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