LEGOLAND Florida Update: Duplo Valley Opens (PART 5)

Welcome to PART 5 of this latest LEGOLAND Florida photo-report! Click on this link if you are looking for part 4 of this same update.
In part 4, we visited the rest of LEGO City and explored the Imagination Center and Pirate's Cove. Let us now focus on the Cypress Gardens, LEGO Technic, and Miniland U.S.A. as we come to the conclusion of this large photo-report. As always, we encourage you to post your comments at the end of this post:

We really wish LEGOLAND would bring back the scenic lake cruises:

Time to enjoy the views of the beautiful Cypress Gardens:

A section of the area was closed due to some flooding issues:

Amazing Florida nature:

Time to head to LEGO Technic:

Nothing new to report here:

Walking toward Miniland U.S.A.:

Some of the pirate models need some attention:

Other than that, all looks great!:

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  1. Three years in the endless Florida sun have ruined many of the models. When they finish the hotel, refurbing all the models needs to be Job #1.

  2. Someone should come up with a clear varnish that can be applied to the Lego structures so they can handle the Florida sun and other weather issues. Science wiz kids out there - here is your chance to invent something.


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