LEGOLAND Florida Update: Duplo Valley Opens (PART 1)

It has been a while since we last visited LEGOLAND Florida, the newest theme park to open in the area. Thanks to its charming views of Lake Eloise, the amazing Cypress Gardens, as well as more than 50 rides and attractions, this park really appeals to a wide range of Guests. A lot of new additions and improvements have been introduced since our previous tour of this park. Come along with us as we check out all the themed areas of LEGOLAND:

Welcome to LEGOLAND Florida:

Construction continues on the new LEGOLAND Hotel:

As we entered the park, we noticed that the models near The Big Shop may need to be refurbished:

The updated park map:

The new DUPLO Valley:

The models on top of the Market Restaurant also seem to need some help:

The underwhelming LEGO Factory is still closed for refurbishment:

A peek inside reveals that it will look completely different after it reopens to Guests:

A new, themed photo-booth has been installed near the entrance of the Island in the Sky:

Time to enjoy the view of the park from above, thanks to the Island in the Sky:

Aaaand... we are flying:


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