I-Drive 360 Update: The Orlando Eye Continues to... Grow

I-Drive 360 is continuously under the spotlight, thanks to the quick progress being made in the construction area and the new announcements scheduled to be made in the next few days. In the meantime, one of the biggest attractions that will open in the area - the Orlando Eye - continues to get bigger and more beautiful. We can't imagine how great it will look once it will be completely assembled! Let us take a close look at this structure:

The Orlando Eye:

Some of our Readers may not realize it, but this observation wheel is absolutely massive:

The newest section installed:

More pieces waiting to be assembled:

These pieces might be used in conjunction with the new capsules (click here for more photos):

Another piece of the wheel's outer section:

A look at the rest of the I-Drive 360 area:

In just a few days, the company behind the great I-Drive 360 project (Unicorp) will announce yet another new attraction replacing the nearby parking lot (the entire area will share the new multi-level garage). While the property doesn't look too big, we can't wait to discover what else is coming to this area!:

Nearby, work on the new Mango's Tropical Cafe continues:

It is going to be a massive dining location:

And that is all for now. Before concluding, remember that you can check the construction progress of the Orlando Eye by checking out the LIVE camera. If you'd like to make a donation to OTPN, feel free to use the big "DONATE" button on the sidebar. Thanks for your support, and see you again soon!