First Permits Filed For Universal's New Water Park

If you have been following OTPN for some time, you will know that Universal's new water park project has been subject for discussion for years now, but other that new trademarks and speculation, no real progress was seen in the location that was chosen for this intriguing new park (tentatively called WonderSea Island). Yesterday, though, the people over at Orlando United found out that a new permit was filed a few days ago, which is said to be related to this project.

As you can see from the official website of the City of Orlando, this permit was filed by the Universal Orlando Resort, and refers to "Site work only for a construction trailer compound." Take a look:

The location where this trailer compound would go has the following address: 6808 TURKEY LAKE RD. A quick search on Google Maps reveals that it refers to the area located next to Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort. That has been the rumored location for Universal's new water park for years, and this permit seems to confirm those rumors once and for all. Here is a map of the location:

This could be the first step toward the realization of a truly amazing project. If other rumors are to be believed (and we think they are!), this water park will be fantastic, with attractions and theming that would rival - or even surpass - what is currently found around Disney's own water parks.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date in regards to this and other exciting Universal Orlando projects.


  1. Go Universal!! I'm so excited. The resort just gets better and better everyday. I would love to see the water park become a reality

  2. It's also possible this is the permit for the area to be constructed in to a lot for construction trailer storage. This is plausible since there is going to be lots of work going on right across the street for sapphire falls.


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