CityWalk Update: Empty NASCAR Sports Grille

A few weeks ago, phase two of CityWalk Orlando's major expansion unofficially begun with the closure of the NASCAR Sports Grille, a themed restaurant located next to the entrance of Universal Studios Florida. As with every other Universal Orlando project, work is already well underway to replace this vacant building with a new concept (rumors point to yet another sports bar, but with some changes to keep things fresh). Let's take a look around together:

The Cowfish restaurant:

No more stage:

Some work is being done on a small area near Margaritaville:

Barricades still blocked the entrance to the waterfront stage area:

They may be getting ready for the special event involving the One Direction band:

Continuing our tour:

One of the small kiosks along the waterfront is closed for refurbishment:

The former NASCAR Sports Grille:


All of the windows have been obscured:

No more LED screen:

A panoramic photos of the entire building:

What a gorgeous day:

The view of the entire CityWalk area from across the lagoon:

The Hard Rock Cafe:

Contrary to rumors, the NBA City restaurant is still open for business. It was supposed to be replaced:

We will conclude with two great panoramic photos of CityWalk. Click on them for the full-size version:

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