CityWalk Update: Cowfish Opens, Nascar Closes (PART 1)

The first phase of CityWalk's major expansion officially ended with the opening of the new Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar & Restaurant, but this does not mean that nothing new will be added to this entertainment district in the next few months. In fact, it looks like Universal is already kicking off phase 2 of this project, which includes the closure and quick replacement of the former NASCAR Bar & Grill. Let's take a look around the area together to see what else is new:

The new Cowfish restaurant:

It looks great from outside:

The main entrance:

The Host podium:

Entering the building:

The stairs leading to the restaurant itself (which is actually located on the second floor):

The second floor:

Out-of-the-ordinary theming:

Interactive screens where Guests can create their own... fish:

There is also an interactive menu available:

The first of the three outdoor seating areas:

The bar at the rear of the restaurant:

Guests were playing some games just to kill some time:

The other outdoor patio:


  1. Nice pictures but did you have any of the food??

  2. Those interactive screens look a lot like an old PC game called Feeding Frenzy.


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