Busch Gardens Tampa Welcomes Two Reeves Muntjacs

From the official Busch Gardens Tampa Blog: Two new additions have made their way into the Kookaburra’s Nest at Busch Gardens Tampa and we are thrilled to welcome them to the family! Ginger and Blanche are Reeves Muntjacs which are a relative of the deer family. Muntjacs are native to areas of China and Taiwan and are known as one of the smallest species of deer. Muntjacs only get about 15 inches tall and weigh around 20 to 30 pounds.

Despite their small size, both of these girls are full of personality and loving their new home here at the park. These girls have been within the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment family at two of our sister parks and are excited to call Busch Gardens Tampa their new home!

As the girls get acquainted to their new home, our keepers are doing everything they can to make sure they are comfortable, healthy and happy. Their basic diet consists of romaine lettuce, fruit and veggie mix, and herbivore diet and hay. Plus, we are getting started on some training! So our keepers are offering additional enrichment foods such as fruits and nuts as an incentive during training. The girls are about to begin scale training so that the animal care professionals at Busch Gardens Tampa can have recorded weights on them and can routinely monitor their health.

The Kookaburra’s Nest, located in the Bird Gardens, not only acquired a dynamic duo, but also received a makeover! Be sure to stroll through the lush aviary on your next visit and see reptiles, muntjacs and more than 20 bird species!

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