Africa Marketplace Coming to Animal Kingdom in 2015

Earlier today, Disney shared more exciting news about the future of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. First of all, it has been confirmed that the new Africa Marketplace is under construction behind Mombasa Marketplace. This area will feature expanded merchandise and a quick-service food and beverage location. Planned to open in spring, 2015, the quick-service restaurant will feature a variety of food offerings and plenty of places for Guests to relax.

For Guest convenience, the Africa Marketplace area will also open up a new pathway to Asia. Here you are an official rendering depicting this new themed section (click on it for the full-size version):

With the opening of the Harambe Theatre district and the Africa Marketplace, Harambe Village will double in size when complete. And this is just the beginning!

In addition to the work in Africa, construction is underway on a new table service restaurant on Discovery Island. The restaurant will share dining space with Pizzafari, celebrating the art of traveling with menu items representing destinations that Inspired the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Also on Discovery Island, more dining space and covered areas are being added at Flame Tree Barbecue, as previously reported.

All elements of the Disney’s Animal Kingdom expansion, including Rivers of Light and a nighttime version of Kilimanjaro Safaris, will open in phases, culminating with the opening of the AVATAR-inspired land in 2017. 

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  1. Wow that is really great. I'm so glad they are building more shops and restaurants and not rides because then it could become a theme park and that wouldn't be right.
    Still no reason to visit WDW.

  2. Don, that comment would be a lot more valid if Disney was not already working on 2 new rides, a new nighttime show, and a new nighttime version of an existing ride in the very same park...

  3. What makes a theme park a theme park is theming, not rides. If you just want rides go to an amusement park like Six Flags.

  4. Don, sorry, this type of "waaa, I want more rides" canned response is getting old, on all the discussion boards.

    I see it a lot from very frequent visitors who, golly can't imagine why, say they are bored with everything and demand something new, all the time.

    Yet, many of those regulars also complain about any construction going on as "ruining the magic"

    They are trolls, nothing more.

    We like AK, we don't go just to ride a ride, nor just to buy something. We go because we enjoy the overall atmosphere.

    "Rides" are a dime a dozen.

  5. The rides are fine as is at DAK, the experience and opportunities to relax are why we go. The Dons of these boards are never happy with anything, period. Like another poster said: "Trolls" and negative ones at that....

  6. Animal Kingdom is a glorified zoo. There is one decent ride, Expedition Everest and a bunch of over rated, out dated shows. Busch Gardens has "themeing" and rides, what a grand idea. Building another hot dog stand will not entice me to spend $100 to see an elephant.

  7. It's a beautiful zoo with 2 decent rides. Good enough for me. And who would ever buy a one day pass? Yes, of course, that's wildly overpriced.

  8. What are you talking about Anonymous 5? Kilimanjaro Safari is a great ride and is getting upgrades, DINOSAUR is still fun, and Kali's River Rapids are OK. And we're getting 2 more rides soon. There's also countless animal trails and shows, Festival of the Lion King was just moved to a new area and Tough to be bug is in great shape. A hot dog stand? Where in DAK is anything even remotely describable as a hot dog stand?! This area will be themed beautifully like the rest of Harambe.


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