Website Error Impacting "Be Our Guest" FastPass+

Are you trying to make a FastPass+ reservation to dine at the Be Our Guest restaurant at the Magic Kingdom Park? Then, note that there is currently an issue with the official Be Our Guest website, which is impacting the ability for Guests to view FastPass+ arrival windows for October 28 and beyond when they have been invited to participate in the direct-to-table test. The issue is anticipate to be be resolved by the end of the day (Tuesday, October 14, 2014). 


  1. It resolved earlier this morning.

  2. As a site note, your "advertise here" banner has been popping up in the middle of the page lately. Usually over the main headline of an article.

    Right now its over the headline for this one, which is #2 down, below the Cast Member FP story.

  3. Thank you for the note, Anonymous, but you must be using a program to block the advertisements on our site. We highly suggest that you avoid doing that, as it alters the look of our site. Also, ads are basically the only reasons why we can continue offering this free service to our Readers. Please, consider turning off the option of blocking our ads, if possible. Thanks!


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