Magic Kingdom Park: Central Hub Construction Update

Good evening Orlando Theme Park News Readers! Our latest photo-update will give you a glimpse of the current status of the work being done around the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park, which is being expanded to alleviate the crowding issues that are so prevalent in many of the Central Florida parks (especially during the holidays and other busier times of the year). Even though our updates are very frequent, there's always something new to see:

As always, we will begin by taking a look at the west side of the hub:

A look behind the walls shows that a lot has been done since our last visit:

Notice the foundations for yet another short wall:

Holes that will soon be filled and become columns:

The end of the walkway:

Preparing the ground for landscaping purposes:

Walking around the area:

A closer look at the bridge:

More walls and columns:

The layout may seem confusing right now, due to the lack of concrete walkways:

Nearby, we noticed that the top of the building near Casey's Corner is receiving a new, themed railing:

This new addition will also help in hiding the projector used during Celebrate the Magic:

Also, new flowers have been planted next to the Crystal Palace, which give an idea of what will be seen around the hub once the expansion project will be completed. It will definitely look amazing:

Time to focus on the east side of the hub:

Notice the new columns that mark the end of the new walkway:

Construction walls will continue to be up for more than six months:

Is that space reserved for speakers or just for wires linked to the new lights?:

The faux bridge:

Notice the new columns we mentioned earlier:

Thanks for visiting the park with us!:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.

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  1. As always, I love your updates for the parks. Thank you for sharing!


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