Magic Kingdom Hub Update, Main Street Bypass News

The new central hub continues to take shape at the Magic Kingdom Park. This area has always been the gateway to all the themed lands of the park, and is also the area that all Guests have to go though to enter and exit the park, so things can get quite hectic during the busier times of the year. To help alleviate the problem, a more permanent-looking bypass is also taking shape behind Main Street U.S.A. Take a look around the area with us:

A beautiful morning to visit the Magic Kingdom Park:

Main Street Vehicles continue to delight Guests even during this construction project:

As usual, let's start by taking a look around the west side of the hub:

A section of the outdoor seating area of Casey's Corner is closed again:

Behind the walls:

Plenty of workers can be seen in the area during the morning:

Not much seems to have changed on this side:

Then, we noticed these nice columns:

The end of the expanded walkway:

Walking around:

A closer look at the new columns:

Notice the inner steel base:

The east side of the hub:

Note the base of a short wall that should be built in the next few days:

More work being done nearby:

Let's now focus on the Main Street U.S.A. bypass:

As you can see, the back of the buildings have been painted using even more different colors:

Also, as we reported on our official Twitter page, they have finally started theming some parts of the back of these facades using a brick pattern. Here you can see workers carefully adding details:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.


  1. The expansion of the hub will certainly ease congestion in that area when the Parades are in full flow, but, on reflection, doesn't this also allow for more people in the Park at any given time ? If it does , and with no extra rides or attractions being built, could this development put added pressure on the existing lines.

  2. Thanks for the excellent update again. I haven't been able to visit Orlando from the UK for over 6 years now as I started my own business (used to go at least once a year). Your updates are brilliant and feed my addiction - keep em coming!!


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