Magic Kingdom Hub and Bypass Update (PART 1)

Work on the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park continues day after day, causing (expected) inconveniences to Guests, as numerous walkways are currently surrounded by walls, making difficult to navigate around the side streets of the hub. In addition to that, work continues on the bypass taking shape behind Main Street U.S.A., as more details are being added to the blank walls that could be seen from a few locations around the hub. Let's see:

First of all, the outdoor seating area for Casey's Corner continues to (temporarily) shrink:

A look behind the walls:

The same area viewed from another angle:

Notice the markers on the ground. They outline the new pathway:

The end of the new, large pathway:

New columns that will soon be the supports for themed lights:

It looks like they might be starting to prepare the layout for the new flower compositions:

Walking around the area, as usual:

More pipes, more tubes... A lot of utility work is involved in this project:

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