Hollywood Studios Update: Toy Story Expanding (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report. Click on this link to go back to PART 1 of this update.
In the previous part, we enjoyed walking around the entrance of the park, Hollywood Boulevard, the central hub of the park (with the giant hat that is rumored to be leaving in the next few months), and more. Let's now complete our tour of the park by visit the remaining themed areas:

Soundstage 1 is a quite large building, as you can see:

The former Studio Backlot Tour entrance:



Some very basic "entertainment" for kids is available around the former entrance of the attraction:

A peek inside the former queue area:

Many of the props seen along the tram route are still there:

The Monsters Inc. meet-and-greet:

A quick look inside the new home of Wandering Oaken's Trading Post:

The shop:

The Streets of America area:

In the Echo Lake area, we noticed that the screen formerly used as part of The American Idol Experience is now being used to display show times and other miscellaneous park information:

Time to leave the park:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.



  1. hula-hoops? C'mon, Disney!

  2. At least the kids look like they're having fun...

  3. I hate to nitpick, but the use of the old American Idol Experience screen as a Times Guide looks terrible! They didn't even change from the "Calibri" font that Microsoft Word defaults to when you open a document! There's no theming to speak of, unless you count the hold-over American Idol Experience searchlights.

    The time under "Voyage" isn't centered under it, it's just off to the left. It would fit just fine between the searchlights!

    They capitalized "For" in the Fantasmic! announcement, likely because some auto-correct/spell-check function capitalized it for them since they included the exclamation point in "Fantasmic!" (which is, indeed, part of the title), but they didn't even bother to change it so that the capitalization is proper for the sentence.

    I'm so used to everything Disney puts "on-stage" being well-thought out, well-designed, and generally representative of the quality I expect from Disney, but this just looks dumb! I'm sure it's very temporary, and something else will come from this in the future, but when you theme the scrims that you're trying to get guests NOT to look at, you could at least do a little something to a screen guests WILL look at!

    Sorry - this may be the very worst nitpicking comment ever...

  4. You are right, Anonymous, your comment might be very "nitpicky," but it is also quite interesting, as it shows just how lazy (or in a hurry) that is! I would AT LEAST check everything twice before having it go live, even if there are no grammatical errors. Disney is very, very attentive to show... most of the time.


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