CityWalk Update: Cowfish Walls Down (PART 1)

The still-announced opening day for the new Cowfish restaurant is approaching fast. This new dining location is expected to open later this year (probably at the end of October/beginning of November) at CityWalk Orlando, and construction is almost done both inside and outside the restaurant. Among the new features is an outdoor bar and some themed lights. Join us as we walk around CityWalk Orlando to check out the current look of this new addition. 

Welcome to CityWalk:

The Cowfish:

Notice that all the walls have been replaced by small barricades:

The main entrance of the restaurant looks great:

A look around:

Beautiful wall of windows:

Still painting a few areas of the facade:

A new sign should be installed here in the near future:

Notice some of the interior light fixtures:

A panoramic view of the restaurant:

The patio above Vivo Italian Kitchen:

New signs were recently installed just below the Cowfish logo:

Some themed outdoor lights:

The nearby stage was recently lowered, giving us a better view of the side of the restaurant: