Canadian Lumberjack Show Added to Times Guide

Epcot's newest entertainment offering, the Canadian Lumberjacks show, is one of several new World Showcase atmosphere additions coming to the park in the next few months. Epcot's newest Times Guide (valid from October 12-19 but already available at the Downtown Disney Guest Relations) now includes the show times and description of this new show. Here is a scan of the Epcot Times Guide, available at the park starting from tomorrow:

A closer look at the Canadian Lumberjacks showtimes:

During the show, Guests can enjoy the excitement of axe throwing, chopping, sawing, and more while cheering and applauding for the Canadian Lumberjacks. These lumbermen, representing Canada’s great timber and logging areas, demonstrate their skills in time-honored games of the great forest. 

The Canadian Lumberjacks hold competitions daily on the Mill Stage in the Canada pavilion at Epcot.


  1. Is this a Halloween show? Axe throwing? In EPCOT? Seriously, how is this going to teach anyone anything other than how to aim to kill?

  2. How were you able to get the times guide? Did you find it online?

  3. +jrh1985 They're insiders, dont question them ;)

  4. @jrh1985: As we stated in the post, you can usualy find Times Guide for the following week at Downtown Disney most Saturdays. They are placed behind the current Times Guides.

    @Last Anonymous: Nice work! ;-)


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