Magic Kingdom Hub Construction Update: Fall Begins

Fall has officially begun in the northern hemisphere. Despite the fact that temperatures are still high, (upper 80s, low 90s), the Central Florida area has been hit by a series of showers, which have lasted for hours. That something very unusual, as Florida thunderstorms usually last just half an hour. For this reason, work on the hub has slowed down at the Magic Kingdom Park. Of course, there is still plenty of new details to look at. Enjoy:

These walls are expected to be gone by this time next year:

The west side of the hub:

Behind the walls:

The other side of the construction area:

New block on the left side of the photo:

Notice all the electrical work that needs to be done:

The east side of the hub:

The opposite end:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.


  1. I'm afraid these photo's are illegal. Due to the new rules at Disney photo's can only be taken for private use and with the adds on this site you are making money from it so it's commercial use.

  2. We are traveling to Orlando in April 2015 is any of this construction work going to be finished by then, also what about the work at the Animal Kingdom will this be finished by April, I'm afraid we are going to arrive from England and be greeted by walls every where.

  3. To Anonymous:

    I really don't think Disney is going to go after a fan site. Sure they might be making money from the ads, but it is great, free marketing for Disney.

    That rule is in place for people making movies and stuff on property. Over a year ago, an indie film maker secretly made a feature length film at Disney that didn't show Disney in the best light. This rule was put into place so they can halt production and/or create a lawsuit.

    Sure you could argue that these construction pictures don't show Disney in the best light either, but Disney knows not to shut down long running fan sites. There are only a handful of sites that post construction pictures and videos and most of these sites are only visited by die hard fans, which are the types of guests Disney doesn't want to anger.

  4. I think after all this time, Disney would have said something. There are You Tube videos out there, and sometimes ads are included. I don't think Disney is going after them either. Besides, Universal is much more touchy about photos, and I don't think they are complaining. So, sit back and enjoy a great site.

  5. The rules aren't new, not even close. Only the display of them at the park IS new. Disney has never shown to be disapproving of fansites and there are hundreds of them posting self-taken pictures, probably at this very second. It's really just free advertising for Disney. Get off your high horse.

  6. They need the ads to help them pay for the annual passes to all theses parks and new camera equipment and gas. I not sure how many of the team go to the parks but I bet it's roughly over $1000 each a year. Keep up the good work guys/girls.

  7. Any word of aerial shots? I remember there were a ton floating around during the New Fantasyland would be cool to compare old aerials of the hub to new ones to see the expansion of the space.


  8. The quest continues to turn the hub into a parking lot.


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