Magic Kingdom Hub and New Side Street Update (PART 2)

Here we are on PART 2 of this new Magic Kingdom hub photo-report. PART 1 of this update can be found by clicking on this link.
As we have seen in the previous part, work on the new side street seems to be finally showing some real progress, with new columns being added and new paint on the back of the buildings. Let's now check out the rest of the hub, where more concrete continues to be added and more bridges take shape:

Something has been removed from the heart of the hub:

Thank to the report from one of our Readers, we found out that the character statues that are found year-round in the hub have recently been temporarily removed. Here's a photo showing the locations of one of these statues (from @SpiritofNorway's Twitter post), which should come back soon:

Also, concrete work was recently done in the area near the Partners statue::

We will now focus on the left side of the hub, which is close to Adventureland:

More walkways are starting to take shape:

Extremely close look, just in case there are Readers who really, really love construction:

The rest of this area is mostly dirt on this side:

Work on the other bridge continues:

Before concluding, we also noticed that the fountain near the First Aid was turned off:

Also, new plants will soon be placed in the planters surrounding the fountain. All these plants are currently in pots, but signs located in the area reassure us that they will be planted soon:

The other side already looks great! Take a look:

Finally, more new railings continue to be installed around the entire area:

It's now time to...

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  1. I love the new hub, much better then that rose garden, much more magical.
    Also nice how Disney is spending enormous amounts of paint to make the backside look as magical as paint can be.

  2. when will the construction be complete?

  3. Some of you may have seen the brick fresco with the word exit painted on the back of center street if you walked backstage over the summer. Unfortunately it can not be seen from onstage, but it was the test for the rest of the building and should be what we wind up with. So nothing too crazy decorative but the back of the building will actually look like the back of a 19th century city building now instead of a strange shade of green. Also the gutters are being switched out from large modern boxy green ones for smaller cylindrical iron/copper painted ones to fit in with the theme.

  4. With all the construction going on, I've started referring to Disney as the "Walled Disney World Resort"

  5. Any thought on how much will be completed by first week in Dec? My family's first visit ever. :) I am afraid that I have built this image up in my mind about my perfect first views of the hub/castle area. It would be so sweet to have some of those walls down by that time.

  6. The views of the castle will still be perfect as you walk up Main Street. Don't worry.

  7. What's the point of all this construction again? Just to provide more flat space for guests to stand and watch fireworks?

  8. And to improve congestion in the area. It gets really crazy at peak times.


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