General Magic Kingdom Update: Colorful Astro Orbiter

Hello Orlando Theme Park News Readers, and welcome to our newest Magic Kingdom photo-report. Today we will focus especially on certain areas of the park, like Tomorrowland (where the Astro Orbiter continues to be completely repainted and reassembled), Fantasyland (even though most of the major projects in the land have been completed, there quite a few minor news to report), and much more. We hope you will enjoy your virtual visit!:

Work continues on the facade of Le Chapeau and the new side street:

The beautiful Cinderella Castle:

In Tomorrowland, the Astro Orbiter continues to be worked on, and it looks gorgeous:

Look at the bright colors of the planets, which have been fully restored:

From afar:

Work also continues on the ground, all around the attraction itself:

It looks like the Disney Vacation Club booth in Tomorrowland is being refurbished as well:


The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was actually operating this time!:

Beast's castle:

Work continues on the former Seven Dwarfs Mine shop:

The installation of the Castle Dream Lights continues as well:

Walls are still up on one side of the queue of Peter Pan's Flight:

The rest of the walls were removed:

Lots and lots of fresh paint:

Notice how great the shields look:

No interactive features yet...

The Tangled area:

Across form Liberty Square, we noticed that work is being done on the building formerly housing Aunt Polly's Kitchen. Sadly, we have never seen that restaurant actually open to the public:

And that is all for now. Before concluding, remember to check out also our latest Magic Kingdom hub photo-update to see how the work on this project is progressing! Thank you for reading.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.


  1. Astro Orbiter looks so bright! I'm guessing they are just painting Aunt Polly's but it would be nice to open it back up to offer some special snacks you can only get there.

  2. Aunt Polly's used to sell a wonderful boxed cold fried chicken lunch. I keep hearing capacity issues, and this placed its unused.

  3. The Astro Orbiter looks amazing. Now, can Disney do the same for the Mission Space globe at the ride's exterior?

  4. Pretty surprised that you've never seen Aunt Polly's serving! I remember getting food there as a kid, so ~15 years ago.


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