CityWalk Update: Cowfish Construction Continues

Hello everyone! This new update will include plenty of photos taken around CityWalk Orlando, where a major expansion is almost complete. While the only new addition that has not opened to the public yet is the Cowfish restaurant, there are a few other minor news to report. As always, we really hope you will enjoy the pictures. Be sure to tell us what you think about the other new venues that recently opened in the area in the comments section:

First of all, we noticed a new Margaritaville billboard just outside CityWalk:

Also, the tarp in front of the emergency stairwell have been removed:

Entering the heart of CityWalk:

Work on the new Cowfish restaurant is indeed proceeding very quickly:

The elevator shaft:

The side:

The secondary entrance of the restaurant:

The future outdoor patio, for some "al fresco" dining:

The view from another angle:

Moving on:

Since we are in the area, let's take a look around Bread Box:

The menu:


The new look of this area is great:

More lights were recently installed:

Work is not done installing them, though:

That should be all for now.

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