Cabana Bay Beach Resort Walkway, Fifth Hotel Area, More

The Universal Orlando Resort continues to expand at an incredibly rapid pace. In addition to all the major new attractions that are currently under construction (or that will soon be built), new hotels, restaurants, pedestrian bridges, and walkways are in the plans to support this growth. Work on the new Sapphire Falls Resort started some time ago (even before the announcement), while the new Cabana Bay Beach Resort bridge and pathway is almost complete. Let's see:

The current walkway to the Cabana Bay Beach Resort is extremely long and too close to the road:

Temporary sign:

Passing by the Royal Pacific Resort:

This is where construction on the new walkway begins:

The new bridge being built next to the Cabana Bay Beach Resort:

Notice that they are already installing railings:

One of the ramps leading to the bridge:

The bridge itself:

Notice the large, live trees that have been planted ON the bridge itself:

They kept their promise. This will, indeed, be a "green bridge":

Time to check on the construction area where the new Sapphire Falls is starting to take shape:

Warnings and advisories posted outside the construction area:

There's only one small crane now. More large cranes should arrive soon:

Almost time to leave...

A glimpse of the King Kong area at Islands of Adventure:

Let's conclude with some photos of the absolutely magnificent Florida sunset:

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  1. Thanks for the update. I'm in the Cabanna Bay mid November. Hoping the bridge will be done by then.


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