Trolley Car Café Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The newest Walt Disney World location to feature Starbucks products has finally been announced. Indeed, The Trolley Car Café will be opening in February 2015 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and will serve Starbucks coffee, espresso beverages, Frappuccino blended beverages and signature breakfast sandwiches and pastries along-side Disney favorites. This new food & beverage location will replace the former L.A. Prop Cinema Storage Shop, which closed earlier this month.


  1. Phew, and for a second there, I thought we might get a ride!
    Or something that isn't a cheap looking amphitheatre!

  2. Soon, Anonymous, soon. But thanks for the laugh!

  3. They sorted out the Magic Kingdom and now there doing the Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney so I think 2018 onwards will see new attractions been built in Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios.


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