The Film Vault Store Opens at Universal Studios Florida

A new shop recently opened at Universal Studios Florida. This may not sound too exciting to some, but it will definitely be appreciated by fans of classic movies and former Universal attractions. In fact, in "The Film Vault", you can browse memorabilia from some of the greatest films of all time, such as King Kong, Back to the Future, E.T., and many more. This new store is located on the corner of Delancey Street, across from the entrance of Transformers. Take a look around:

The new sign replacing the Delancey Street Preview Center logo:

The entrance:

The check-out area:

A panoramic look inside the shop:

Some generic Universal Studios Florida merchandise items:

Transformers merchandise:

King Kong pillows and tees:

Jurassic Park items:

E.T. merchandise:

Back to the Future t-shirts and more:

JAWS merchandise:

Fast & Furious stuff:

More movie items:

Movie posters and even more t-shirts, mugs, caps, and gadgets:

A face that will look familiar to those who visited Universal Studios Florida many years ago:

More memorabilia:

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  1. Thanks for posting these pics

  2. Hi,
    Does anyone know if they have mugs from jaws?
    Greetings from Ghent, Belgium


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