SeaWorld Update: Antarctica Queue Conditions (PART 1)

SeaWorld Orlando is quietly working on a few additions for the next few years, most of which are still a mystery. In the meantime, we know that a new sea lion show will debut next year (more information on that will be shared later, thanks to an interesting trademark discovered by Parkscope a few hours ago) and that Shamu's home will double in size by 2018. Today we will take some time to take a look around some areas of the park, to see what has been done since our last visit:

Let's start with a look at the area surrounding the park's lake:

The Waterfront:

Work continues on the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium:

Let's now explore Antarctica:

This stand is now themed. It looks nice:

Let's go:

Empire of the Penguin had a 40-minute wait:

Sadly, the outdoor queue line of the attraction in in very sad conditions: