"Sea Lion High" Coming to SeaWorld Orlando in 2015

School recently started in a few areas around the United States and the rest of the world, but kids may not be the only ones to have to go to class in the near future. In fact, some new trademarks and artworks (discovered by the great folks over at Parkscope) reveal that the new SeaWorld Orlando show starring the hilarious duo of Clyde and Seamore may be themed after a high school... for marine mammals! Sea Lion High should be opening next year at SeaWorld.

In addition to the possible title for this new comedy show (Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High), the Parkscope Team also discovered a great site featuring some artworks (including older versions) showing the sets and special effects that will fill the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium starting from next year. 

From what we can see, it will definitely be a much better show than its predecessor. Take a look and enjoy (NOTE: these artworks have not been officially released by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, so the final look of the props, special effects, and the theme itself may have changed in the past few months. These artworks can be seen by the public on the aforementioned site, and are therefore not considered confidential):

The grand finale:

Storyline and other special effects:

Diagrams of the stage and nearby ramps:

Older concepts:

As you can see, if the show will really contain all those special effects, we can easily say that this may very well be the most amazing sea lion show ever created for any theme park. The water effects almost look like fireworks and the entire set looks even more elaborate than the one used in the former Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island show. Now we'd like to know what you think about this project. Feel free to share your thoughts!

ARTWORKS: Creative Director and Co-Author: BT McNicholl. Scene Design Consultants: Steve and Sam Gilliam. ©2014 SLG Design & Creative Talent/SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.