Magic Kingdom Update: Work in Every Land (PART 1)

Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone! We are glad to have you with us. As always, we have a new photo-report to share with you, which will take you all around the Magic Kingdom Park (excluding the hub, which was recently covered in another recent update) to see what work is taking place in all the themed lands of this wonderful park. As you will see, there is actually quite a lot to cover, that is why we needed to break this update into four parts. Let's start:

First of all, the roof of the dock's waiting area for the watercraft transportation to Disney's Wilderness Lodge and Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground is receiving a new covering:

Inside the Magic Kingdom Park:

Town Square:

More concrete work continue to be done overnight:

The facade of Le Chapeau also continues to receive some attention:

On the opposite side, the animated windows of the Emporium came back:

Nothing seems to have changed:

Work continues on the central hub of the park (click here to check out the update covering this project):

Dream Along with Mickey:

New railings are being added to the roofs around the parks:

In case you were wondering, that box houses the projectors used during the Celebrate the Magic show:

Let's go counterclockwise this time:


The top of this structures looks brighter than usual:

Work continues on the Astro Orbiter:

Repainting in progress:


  1. What is the reason behind the new railings on the roofs?


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